Welcome to Fabric Bandits Quilting

Fabric Bandits Quilting Company (AKA Andy Resnik) has helped transform unfinished tops into treasured quilts, using a stich regulatedhand-guided Gammill Classic Plus longarm quilting machine. 


The main purpose of this site is to help longarm quilting customers prepare their quilts with longarm requirements in mind, for the best quilt possible. You may be surprised at what you should or shouldn't do, so be sure especially to check out this info:


UPDATE: I am not accepting quilts, but please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. 




Longarm quilting for fabric stashers everywhere.

Let's get those UFOs done!



The first step is to admit it.

You're a "fabric bandit" if you . . .

  • Sneak fat quarters into your home, only under cover of darkness.
  • Would rather tour quilt shops instead of going on a second honeymoon.
  • Hyperventilate at the thought of missing the latest new fabric.
  • Want to build an addition to your home, just to store your fabrics.
  • Lull yourself to sleep by counting batiks instead of sheep.


Please note that I am no longer accepting quilts.


For questions or comments, please contact

asresnik2 (at) aim (dot) com